Textile Machinery



Knives and sliding cradles / rollers / support bars and upper aprons in drafting units / thread and yarn feeder guides for knitting / spinning / weaving machines… /


Over the past 20 years, the textile industry has been undergoing a real revolution: the end-customers are looking for more and more productive and efficient machines in order to produce more and more fabrics of higher and higher quality. The competitiveness of high-tech machinery manufacturers therefore depends on their capacity to implement innovative solutions. Each component of a textile machine is today supposed to have very specific characteristics, esp. in terms of resistance. Some parts that were formerly done in aluminium have been indeed replaced by steel components in order to comply with the very demanding production cycles. The cold drawn steel profiles – with accurate surface finishing, very close tolerances, perfect linearity and strong resistance – perfectly correspond to today needs of the textile machinery manufacturers.


Case History

Since the 90s, Calvi Network is the preferred supplier of most of the textile machinery manufacturers to provide component being used, for instance, as nose bar for spinning machines.
This profile, under its many different versions, is really part of the Network history and is still being produced today, therefore demonstrating the suitability of the solution.

Cold drawn profile in carbon steel S275JR, supplied cut to length.