Calvi Network can meet and satisfy, using hot and cold steel forming technologies, any possible demand for special steel profiles.

Certified processes. Low-cost solutions.


From aerospace to logistics, from linear motion to architecture, from civil engineering to energy:
either it be for their compliance with very demanding technical requirements or for their aspect and aesthetics, Calvi Network special sections are used in many industrial fields.

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Proactivity and Reactivity + Expertise and Reliability + Partnership

The Network strives to provide an outstanding service to its customers in order to help them maintain their competitive edge in today’s market place.

A service to serve the best:
in all sectors, in five continents.

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21 MIO € turnover
7500 TONS (yearly)
223 employees
2 manufacturing companies
0 sales representatives around the world

about the network


Being the most effective and efficient partner in the production of special steel profiles on a global scale is the shared mission of all the companies that belong to Calvi Network. Each step in the Network construction has been and continues to be directed at ensuring the brand excellence and competitiveness in the engineering and manufacturing of special steel shapes.


People belonging to Calvi Network are repositories of the techniques to transform steel. Thanks to their expertise and thanks to the long tradition of the various companies, the Network can meet any possible customer need for special steel profiles.


The drive towards innovation is one of the main industrial goal of Calvi Network: innovate means involve all the players in the chain of value, at all levels. These allowed for significant upgrades in terms of quality and productivity, logistics and safety. Being at the forefront of the industrial innovations enable the Network to pave the way to new scenarios and new opportunities in the various sectors it operates in.